Advantages and nursing of laser leg depilation

Smooth and delicate legs are crazy for female friends, not to mention men. Therefore, many beauty lovers choose laser leg hair removal to help remove the thick hair on the legs and get rid of troubles. What are the advantages of laser leg hair removal? How can postoperative care ensure the effect of depilation?

Advantages of laser leg hair removal:

  1. It is suitable for a wide range of people. Photon leg depilation is a broad-spectrum strong pulsed light. Different parameters can be selected according to different skin colors and different hairs to achieve good results.
  2. The basis of lasting hair growth is the dermal papilla and hair ball located in the deep layer of the skin. Only by effectively destroying the dermal papilla can hair regeneration be prevented. Photon hair removal technology can effectively destroy the dermal papilla and make the hair lose the conditions for regrowth. Therefore, the effect of photon hair removal is long-term.
  3. In the treatment, the sapphire window is close to the skin to cool the local epidermis to 5 degrees, which not only effectively protects the normal skin from heat damage and light pain, but also increases the treatment energy. At the same time, the laser head presses down on the skin to make the hair follicles fall down and increase the absorption of laser by 30-40.
  4. Low pain photon hair removal is a hair removal method with low pain. The results of many clinical trials show that most beauty seekers feel only bounced by the rubber band. Warm tip: photon leg hair removal must choose a professional plastic surgery hospital, so as to avoid possible adverse conditions after operation to a greater extent. If you have other questions, please consult online customer service.

Although photon leg depilation is good, postoperative care is also very important:

  1. After laser depilation, the treated part should avoid hot water scalding and forced scrubbing.
  2. Before laser depilation, the parts to be depilated should be cleaned and disinfected, and the depilated parts should be kept clean after operation to prevent infection.
  3. After half a year of treatment, avoid the sun, and apply the designated sunscreen lotion on the affected part according to the doctor’s instructions to reduce the sun exposure.
  4. After laser depilation of leg hair, it may produce some symptoms such as slight redness, swelling, skin sensitivity and pain. When it is necessary to apply appropriate ice to reduce the pain.