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Advantages of laser tattoo wash and laser lip wash line

If you want to wash off your tattoo or lip liner for various reasons, what are the advantages of laser tattoo and laser lip liner?

Advantages of laser tattoo wash and laser lip wash line

  1. Laser tattoo washing

The advantage of laser tattoo washing is that compared with other methods of removing tattoos, the operation of laser tattoo removal can be completed in about 30 minutes. The operation of laser tattoo removal is simple, and the damage to normal skin is relatively small. In the process of treatment, it is only aimed at tattoo pigment and will not leave scars. It recovers quickly after treatment. The reaction brought by treatment is small, and only slight edema will occur after treatment, It can subside within a few days after the treatment. After the treatment, it will return to normal in 7 to 14 days. The therapeutic effect of laser tattoo washing can be maintained for a long time; However, the disadvantage is that it usually requires multiple treatments before the tattoo can be completely removed. Generally, the treatment of a course of treatment is 3 to 6 times. After each treatment, it needs to be separated by a month before the second treatment.

  1. Laser lip wash line

The advantage of laser lip washing line is that this treatment method will not damage your skin and produce scars after treatment. It can recover quickly after treatment. Generally, it only takes 7 to 14 days after treatment, which has little impact on normal work, laser sterilization and no risk of cross infection; However, the disadvantage is that multiple treatments may be required. A course of treatment generally requires 3 to 6 times of treatment. Each treatment needs to be separated by one month before secondary treatment can be carried out. The treatment interval is long.

  1. Treatment methods of both

The laser is applied to the position requiring treatment to break the pigment particles into very small debris, which is discharged through skin eschar removal, or through blood circulation and cell phagocytosis to complete pigment metabolism.

  1. Suitable population

Laser tattoo removal is suitable for people who want to remove tattoos for various reasons, people who are not suitable for people with scar constitution, people with coagulation mechanism disorders, low immune function, people with chronic consumptive diseases, systemic or local infections, people with photoallergy, people with various mental and psychological abnormalities, people with endocrine disorders, people with lupus erythematosus and vitiligo, and the application of hormones, salicyl People with photosensitive drugs.

Laser lip cleaning is suitable for people who want to remove the lip line. They are not suitable for pregnant women. Those with photosensitivity, those who are sensitive to light and those who use photosensitive drugs, those with high blood pressure and diabetes, those who take certain psychotropic substances for a long period of time, those who take anti-inflammatory drugs or antihypertensive drugs, have 2 days of treatment, those who have exposure to sunlight, and those with facial inflammation.

The treatment methods of laser tattoo washing and laser lip washing line have their own advantages.