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Can laser take off axillary hair have a relapse

After summer, many female friends will choose to take off armpit hair. The reason why they want to take off armpit hair is mainly because the existence of armpit hair not only affects the beauty, but also aggravates the body taste. In order to achieve the purpose of taking off armpit hair, many female friends are trying various methods of taking off armpit hair. Will laser take off armpit hair have a relapse?

Laser hair removal treatment will not rebound after hair removal like the traditional hair removal methods, so those seeking beauty can rest assured that generally, laser hair removal can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal without regeneration.

Advantages of laser axillary hair removal

Little depilation pain

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method with less pain among all hair removal methods. The results of many clinical trials show that most patients only feel “bounced by a rubber band”.

Complete depilation

The advantage of laser hair removal is that the hair removal is very thorough. The laser can penetrate into the deep layer of dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue and act on the deep hair follicles in different parts to effectively remove the deep hair in any part of the human body.

No harm to skin

The advantage of laser hair removal is that it will not damage the epidermis.

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