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How long does it take to depilate the arm

August is the time for women to show their muscles and bones. If there is too much hair on their arms at this time, it will be a great disappointment, so many women have the need for arm depilation. But women who love beauty don’t want to endure the trouble of frequent depilation, but want to realize long-term depilation of the arm, so how long the long-term depilation of the arm can be completed is something that beauty seekers care about. Let’s listen to the experts of plastic surgery hospital to introduce how long it takes for long-term depilation of the arm.

According to plastic experts, laser hair removal is an international advanced hair removal method. It is accepted by many beauty lovers because of its wide application, safety and convenience. The principle of long-term hair removal of laser arm is necessary: laser hair removal destroys hair follicles through specific wavelength and heat exchange to stop their growth. Due to the relatively large energy of laser hair removal, heat can penetrate the dermis and destroy the hair follicles under the skin, so the effect of long-term hair removal of arm can be realized.

Plastic hospital experts pointed out that human hair is divided into three stages: growth period, rest period and regression period. During laser hair removal, the laser only works on the hair in the growth period, but not on the hair in the rest period. Therefore, in order to make the skin completely smooth, it generally needs about three times of treatment, and the interval between each treatment period should be 4-6 weeks.

How long is the time for arm depilation? However, according to the density and thickness of individual hair, the number of times required is different, generally 3 to 6 times. There are two main factors:

  1. Most hair follicles are bound together in groups of three and open in the same pores. A hair in the pores is the hair growing from one of the three hair follicles in the group below it, so it can only destroy one hair follicle in a group effectively.
  2. Hair growth should go through the growth period, degenerative period and resting period. Laser hair removal in the growth period is 75% effective, the degenerative period is 25%, and the resting period is almost ineffective.

The freezing point laser hair removal instrument in plastic hospital adopts vacuum negative pressure technology and standard open treatment head. The treatment and cooling are carried out simultaneously, which can carry out large-area hair removal. The treatment speed is several times that of traditional instruments, which greatly shortens the hair removal time and has good effect. Long term hair removal eliminates the need for beauty seekers to tangle about how long it takes for long-term hair removal of their arms.