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How often does laser take off axillary hair

Many female sexual friends use hair removal cream to remove axillary hair. However, this method is only temporary and can not completely solve the problem. If you want to achieve long-term hair removal effect, it is recommended to go to the hospital for laser axillary hair removal. However, only one excitation axillary hair removal operation can not completely eradicate axillary hair, but needs to be done several times. Then, How often does laser take off armpit hair?

Laser axillary hair removal is done every 1-2 months, generally 3-5 times to see the long-term axillary hair removal effect.

Although laser hair removal has obvious hair removal effect and can prolong the growth speed of axillary hair, laser hair removal generally only affects the hair in the growth period, so only one laser axillary hair removal operation can not achieve the long-term hair removal effect. Generally, it needs to be done more times to achieve more ideal hair removal effect.

Hair generally has three stages: growth period, degenerative period and resting period. Laser hair removal is generally carried out in the hair growth period, and the effect is ideal. Therefore, laser hair removal generally can not achieve the effect of long-term hair removal at one time. Usually, it needs to be treated for 3-6 times, and the specific situation varies from person to person.

The above is about how often laser axillary hair removal is done. Generally speaking, laser axillary hair removal surgery is done every 1-2 months or so. About 3-5 operations can achieve long-term axillary hair removal effect. We need to remind you that we should choose a well-known, regular and advanced hospital to do laser axillary hair removal surgery, and the effect is better.

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