laser tattoo removal

How to care after laser tattoo removal

  1) There may be slight pain during laser tattoo removal, or there may be short-term redness and swelling, which will disappear on its own.

  2) The scab membrane falls off within 7-14 days, and the wound heals. Individual patients may have normal temporary pigmentation after laser tattoo removal, which will be gradually absorbed. Oral vitamin C can reduce pigment reflux.

  3) During the healing period, apply antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent secondary infections. Avoid direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Otherwise, there will be short-term pigmentation, and scars may appear after infection.

  4) Before the crust comes off, the treatment area should not be exposed to water, make-up, rubbing, and avoid spicy, smoking and alcohol. In the near future, fast foods with dark colors such as coffee, Pepsi, etc., to allow the scabs to fall off on their own, and do not peel them off forcibly. Do not participate in vigorous exercise to avoid infection after sweating.

  5) After laser tattoo removal for pigmented skin diseases, you must pay attention to sun protection. Pigmentation is a slow biological process, usually 1-2.5 months. During this period, sun protection must be continued. In order to obtain the effect, the treatment should be repeated at an interval of more than 3 months.

  6) Depending on the nature of the lesion and the location of the pigment, treatment of certain diseases may have to be performed multiple times.

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