How to return a responsibility after laser takes off armpit hair not to sweat?

Axillary hair removal is to give full play to the kinetic energy of laser and photon, and this energy only plays a role in the melanocytes in the hair follicle, but there is no melanin in people’s sweat glands, because sweat glands cannot suffer all harm due to digestion and absorption of kinetic energy. Moreover, sweat glands and hair follicles are two separate channels and interact with each other. Therefore, it is impossible for girls to take off armpit hair to affect human sweating.

How to return a responsibility after laser takes off armpit hair not to sweat?

Laser hair removal is safe, but there will be red rash or dermatitis during the whole process of operation, but this disease can be gradually eliminated in nearly 12 days. On the other hand, I still remember that there is no need to take a bath after depilation. It is more difficult to take a steam sauna. It is suggested to wash it gently with warm water. Laser hair removal always makes the hair no longer grow and develop, and it is impossible to endanger the moisture absorption and perspiration function of sweat glands.

It is suggested that MM who wants to do laser hair removal have not really come to do it in summer, or in autumn and winter. Because laser hair removal needs to be done three to five times before it can be completely removed, it is not done at one time, and after it is removed many times, it will produce some hair, which is not as thick and dense as before, and the hair is softer and the color is lighter, But there will be no harm. After doing it many times, I have to do it again in January. There is significantly less time to do it again

The whole process of laser hair removal is cool first, followed by warm and mild pain, which belongs to level 1 ~ 2 of the pain level. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about the problem of laser hair removal pain. Laser hair removal selects a series of laser single pulses. The whole process of metallurgical treatment is usually accompanied by some tingling or mild burning. Laser depilation is a method with less pain in all depilation methods.

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