Is painless depilation really painless and long-term

Some women are born with excessive androgen secretion, and their body hair is similar to that of men, which makes them very distressed. Especially in summer, if you want to wear suspenders and dresses, you need to use hair removal products. With the birth and popularity of painless hair removal, many women have joined it. Then, some people ask whether painless depilation can really depilate for a long time? Now let’s learn about it.

Can painless depilation really depilate for a long time?

Painless depilation can indeed achieve the effect of long-term depilation, because painless depilation is not only to take off the hair on the surface, but to directly hit the hair follicles inside the hair root and pull out the whole hair follicles. Therefore, the purpose of no longer growing hair for life can be achieved.

What are the benefits of painless depilation?

1、 The effect is obvious. Painless depilation may have some symptoms of redness, swelling, heat and pain after depilation, but after these symptoms are eliminated, the existence of hair can not be seen at all.

2、 No pain. I believe that many women should be afraid of pain, especially when depilating. But you can rest assured that there is no pain in the whole process of painless hair removal. It will not cause any serious consequences.

What should you pay attention to after painless depilation?

1、 Avoid exposure to the sun for half a year. Because there is hair on the surface of the human body, there will be a series of rejection reactions after painless depilation. Therefore, it is better to keep it for half a year after painless depilation to avoid sunlight and prevent cell variation caused by ultraviolet radiation, resulting in serious skin damage.

2、 Pay attention to hygiene. In addition to long hair, a person’s hair follicles also have the function of letting the cells on the skin breathe. Therefore, after painless hair removal, we must clean the skin and keep the surface clean. Reduce skin bacterial infection and systemic infection.

3、 Watch your diet. You can eat more beneficial food after painless hair removal, which can promote cell metabolism, make the skin recover faster, and supplement more vitamins.

4、 Avoid hot water scalding. After painless depilation, the depilated part may appear redness, swelling and burning feeling, so it is necessary to avoid hot water scalding to prevent the aggravation of redness and swelling pain. Ice compress can be used to relieve the redness and swelling pain and calm the skin.

Warm tips: painless hair removal can not be completely solved at one time. It needs to be determined according to the period of hair growth of the subject. Generally, it needs to be removed for 3 to 4 courses of treatment before the hair can no longer grow. Therefore, the subject must adhere to hair removal. Don’t let the hair come out again after one or two courses of treatment.