Is there any danger in washing tattoos with an eyebrow washing machine?

The depth of eyebrow washing needle into the skin is limited, so it is not suitable for eyebrow tattooing. Laser selective photolysis can treat skin tissue with different wavelengths of laser without destroying normal skin. Due to different wavelengths, pigment can absorb corresponding laser energy, and pigment is gradually absorbed by the body.

What’s the danger of washing tattoos with an eyebrow washing machine

Features of washing tattoos with eyebrow washing machine:

The laser does not produce light, but is only absorbed by the pigment of the corresponding color. The meat eye color of laser is the key to treatment. The laser of different colors is absorbed by the skin of different colors, and the laser energy is used to disintegrate and vaporize the dye particles, seal the blood vessels, and then the body absorbs the dye particles to exclude them from the body, and the pigment disappears. Because the laser of a certain wavelength is only absorbed by the pigment of the corresponding color, only the diseased can absorb the specific laser, while the normal skin tissue will not be damaged, so it will not leave scars. The pigment particles should be dispersed first, and then they can be eliminated. Laser can effectively destroy melanin without leaving traces on the skin surface.