Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

Medical standard for laser axillary hair removal

The thicker the hair is, it is just an illusion. Because the hair shaved by the razor is only exposed on the surface of the skin, it is impossible to harm the hair follicles under the skin. Therefore, it is impossible to accelerate hair growth or widen the hair. The razor laser cuts at the entrance and exit of the hair follicle. This part is an area with thick hair. After shaving, there is a large cross-section, and the rest of the hair touches, resulting in an unsmooth illusion.

Medical standard for laser axillary hair removal

Laser axillary hair removal in medical cosmetology depends on the basic principle of photothermal dynamics model, instruments and equipment. According to adjusting the light wavelength of the laser, the kinetic energy is converted into energy, and the purpose is to deeply penetrate the hair follicle, so that the laser passes through the skin layer beyond the hair follicle gland at the hair root, and then the light energy of the laser is digested and absorbed and converted into sufficient energy, Destroy the natural environment of hair growth and development, so that there will be no growth and development of hair.

Medical standard for laser axillary hair removal:

1, after 3 to six months to six months, please prevent the sun from exposed to the weather and apply the sun protection emulsion which is marked by the doctor to the affected part to reduce the illumination.

  1. Laser hair removal treatment will cause mild swelling, sensitive skin and hot or itchy feeling. If you feel pain, use cold compress to relieve the pain.
  2. The treatment position shall be protected from scalding with boiling water and vigorous cleaning.
  3. After laser hair removal, it should be disinfected with alcohol, and some ointment with detumescence effect should be coated on the position of laser hair removal to prevent skin bursitis. The doctor does not advocate using scissors to cut or scraping axillary hair with a knife head. Because doing so is most likely to be bruised, resulting in bacterial infection in the axillary position, which is not only painful and uncomfortable, but also prone to lymphadenopathy and other diseases.

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