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Precautions before and after tattoo washing?

Many people who pursue fashion will choose to have tattoos. Whether middle-aged or young people, men or women, there are many tattoos. However, with the trend changing slowly, the pattern of tattoos will also change. They want to replace outdated ones and then put new patterns on them. Whether it’s tattoos or before and after washing the whole process, we should pay great attention to avoid infection. What should we pay attention to before and after washing tattoos? Next, I will tell you in the form of an article.

1、 Precautions before washing tattoos? 1. Before washing the tattoo, keep the part clean to avoid infection in the process of washing the tattoo. 2. Don’t eat too spicy food before washing the tattoo. If the tattoo part needs to be contaminated with cosmetics, don’t make up before washing the tattoo. 3. Women should try not to wash tattoos during menstruation, and smoking and drinking should be prohibited.

2、 Precautions after tattoo washing? 1. After washing the tattoo, keep the local part dry and clean, and don’t touch water for a short time. 2. There may be slight pain after washing the tattoo. Don’t smear the medicine yourself to avoid skin inflammation and infection. 3. Do not scratch the skin with your hands after washing the tattoo, so as not to cause other adverse phenomena and affect the effect. 4. After washing tattoos, pay special attention to diet and don’t eat too spicy food. 5. After washing tattoos, you should also pay attention to sunscreen and do a good job of sunscreen to avoid aggravating the accumulation of pigment. 6. Don’t smoke and drink immediately after washing the tattoo. Avoid eating to avoid local impact.

There are many ways to wash tattoos, but the precautions before and after each method of removing tattoos are very important. The above is what I need to pay attention to before and after washing tattoos. I hope I can be strict with myself to avoid affecting the effect or causing inflammation.