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Precautions for laser tattoo washing

When I was young, I got tattoos because of various impulses, but when I grew up, I wanted to wash them off. Because tattoos often have a negative impact on your life. There is no better way to get rid of tattoos than laser tattoos. Laser tattoo washing uses the selective absorption and pressure effect of laser on dyes to disintegrate the dyes and expel them from the body through different ways without damaging the surrounding normal tissues. The laser can instantly break the pigment particles with high energy, and the broken pigment debris can be discharged from the body through scab removal or cell phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation. The effect of laser is highly selective, does not damage the surrounding normal skin, and there are basically no obvious side effects after operation. However, we still need to pay attention to the following points: the treatment site is sensitive to the sun, so we should avoid the sun within three months after treatment. If necessary, we should use sunscreen. Try to avoid sun exposure three weeks before treatment, so as not to hinder the treatment effect. Within a week before receiving laser tattoo washing, you should avoid taking drugs such as aspirin to prevent easy bleeding. It is forbidden to eat spicy and irritant food within one to two weeks after laser tattoo washing. Do not touch water for the first three days. Be sure to keep your skin dry after washing lines every time. Do not apply any drugs to avoid skin inflammation. Remember to pay attention to self-care when washing tattoos. The skin can’t be scratched in the process of crusting and itching.