laser removal tattoo

No obvious side effects after laser tattoo removal

  The necessity of tattoo removal can be understood from the principles of tattoos. Tattoos use a needle or a bundle of dyes to pierce the skin and draw different images of lines, characters, calligraphy, etc., which exist but do not disappear. Modern tattoos use laser tattoo machines instead of traditional tattoo needles, which can evenly control the depth and width of the pigments entering the skin. Therefore, the pathological change of tattoos is that the pigment particles are deposited in the superficial and middle layers of the skin dermis.

  Traumatic tattoos are a special kind of tattoos. For example, an explosion at a close distance can cause the penetration of carbon particles; a traffic accident can cause paint, plastic, metal, dust, sand and other particles to penetrate the skin. Traumatic tattoo pigments enter the skin at random, sometimes as deep as the dermis and fat layers.

  The laser can instantly crush and explode pigment particles with high energy, and the crushed pigment fragments can be excreted from the body through scabs or through cell phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation. The action of the laser is highly selective and does not cause damage to the surrounding normal skin. Laser tattoo removal has no obvious side effects and does not leave scars. Generally, the tattoo can be completely removed after 1 to 3 times of laser tattoo removal.

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