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Several methods of axillary hair removal.

Girls Summer hair removal method summary, let you raise your hand is not embarrassing! In summer, beauties put on cool clothes such as vests and suspenders to make summer more refreshing. In order to make themselves more beautiful, many mm will choose to remove their excess hair. Especially the embarrassing armpit hair. Today, I have brought girls’ hair removal methods in summer for the majority of beauty loving friends.

Several methods of removing axillary hair

Hair removal method 1: honey wax axillary hair removal

The girl’s hair removal method in summer is simply to stick the axillary hair with honey wax, and then pull out the axillary hair with the help of the force when tearing off the honey wax. When using honey wax for hair removal, first heat the honey wax to melt, and then apply the honey wax evenly to the armpits along the direction of hair growth, and then paste gauze. After the wax cools a little, peel the gauze quickly against the direction of hair growth, and the hair can be pulled out by roots.

Hair removal method 2: shave armpit hair

The method of hair removal with a blade is believed to be more traditional and more people choose. Although its durability is not enough and the regenerated hair will be slightly hard, it is still popular because of its convenience and quickness.

Hair removal method 3: remove axillary hair with hair removal cream

With the development of science and technology, some hair removal products also came into being. Depilatory cream is one of them. The principle of depilation cream is to use the chemicals in it to dissolve the hair structure. First, apply the depilation cream evenly at the position where depilation is needed, control the thickness to about 2mm, and wait patiently for five to ten minutes. Then use the scraper equipped with it to scrape the paste and softened hair. Depilation with depilatory cream can remove fine and soft body hair in various parts in a large area and quickly without any damage to hair follicles.

Hair removal method 4: laser hair removal

The working principle of laser hair removal is to completely destroy the hair follicle according to the histological characteristics of the opening of sweat gland duct in the hair follicle, so as to cut off the excretory pathway of sweat gland. According to the principle of photothermal dynamics, the light energy irradiated on the hair root is absorbed and transformed into heat energy, which destroys the hair follicle tissue, makes the hair lose the regeneration ability, and does not damage the surrounding tissue. Laser hair removal can be said to be a safer, faster and longer hair removal technology.

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