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The advantages of laser hair removal, to understand

How many people have had facial hair removal? What method is facial depilation better? How does the face depilate? When it comes to hair removal, many people think of beautiful women at the first time. Girls pay attention to flawless white skin. However, many girls always suffer from hairiness, interfere with their line of sight, and greatly reduce their beauty, especially on the face. It is very unsightly to have sweat hair, so hair removal is urgent. So, what are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method with less pain among all hair removal methods. Most people just use rubber bands to “feel”. Hair removal is very thorough. The use of laser can go deep into the deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue. The function of hair follicles in different parts can effectively remove the deep hair of any part of the body.

The pigmentation after depilation is very close to our skin. Adjust the pulse length of laser hair removal to protect the skin and remove hair with different thickness at the same time. Sapphire contact cooling patented technology is safe and does not damage the skin, which is a prominent advantage of laser hair removal.

The light pulse time is long. Adjust the epidermis to protect and remove the hair with different fineness. The better hair removal effect is the action time of laser pulse and the fineness of hair. The thicker one takes longer time. The laser pulse time of Lightsheer semiconductor laser pulse is from 5 ms to 100 ms, which can achieve the ideal effect of hair removal and effectively protect the skin from thermal damage.

Sapphire contact cooling patented technology is safe and will not damage the skin. The contact cooling laser head approaches the skin in the sapphire window to cool the local skin to 5 degrees, which can effectively protect the normal skin from heat damage, relieve pain, and improve the efficacy of treatment. The laser head presses the skin to make the hair follicles fall down, increasing the absorption of laser by 40% – 30%.

The square spot can quickly remove hair and accelerate the treatment speed. The laser hair removal part is designed as a square spot of 9 mm. The efficiency of large-area skin hair removal is high-speed, and the overlapping dead zone treatment formed by the traditional circular laser spot can be eliminated. The wavelength of semiconductor laser is 800 nm.

In the near-infrared spectrum, melanin can absorb and penetrate deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, and effectively remove any part and depth of hair at different positions and depths. The wavelength of semiconductor laser is a new generation of hair removal laser at 808nm. The absorption of melanin in this band is better, and the absorption of laser by hemoglobin or water is greatly reduced. The penetration ability is stronger than that of ruby laser and gem laser, which can effectively destroy hair regeneration. 808nm semiconductor laser is the choice of more and more people. It has the advantages of simple structure, good curative effect and small side effect.

The results of clinical trials show that most patients feel only the feeling of “rubber band”. There are many cooling methods and principles for laser hair removal to cool the skin. However, at the temperature of 4 ℃, the freezing point hair removal publicized by many plastic surgery hospitals makes you no longer painful. In fact, it is far from 0 °, because when the laser is heated, several degrees of contact makes people feel frozen.