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What are the advantages of picosecond laser tattoo washing

Many beauty seekers have an indescribable feeling about washing tattoos. At present, there are many ways to wash tattoos. If you choose an inappropriate method, it is easy to damage the skin and leave scars. Picosecond laser is an advanced tattoo washing instrument, which can better wash away tattoos. Picosecond laser is from Sanofi company of the United States and has passed the certification of FDA and CFDA of China. It is called Ferrari laser beauty. Picosecond, or trillionth of a second. The pulse duration of picosecond laser is very short. It can quickly penetrate the human dermis, crush pigment particles and discharge them through human metabolism to achieve the effect of tattoo washing. Eliminate pigment faster and more efficiently. What are the advantages of picosecond laser tattoo washing? 1. Shorter and faster time. One picosecond is equivalent to 1 / 1000 nanosecond. The pulse duration of picosecond laser tattoo is very short, the speed is fast, the blasting ability is strong, the speed is 100 times faster than the traditional laser, and the efficiency is higher. 2. More concentrated energy. Picosecond laser wash tattoo uses honeycomb lens to concentrate energy. The pigment is crushed into fine particles, which is easier to be absorbed and metabolized by the human body. The pigment removal rate is high, and the treatment is equivalent to 2 to 3 times that of traditional laser. The possibility of anti Mafia is very low. Picosecond laser tattoo flushing uses a 755 wavelength cellular instantaneous lens to focus on the energy probe, which can reduce excessive tissue stimulation, reduce thermal damage, and greatly reduce the chance of black prevention after treatment.