What kind of laser hair removal will not hurt the skin

No one does not love beauty. In this age of beauty, no matter men or women, everyone wants to make themselves beautiful. Summer is coming, and it’s time for people to wear shorts and skirts. For beauty, many women will take off the hair on their legs and hands, but they have to struggle with which way they will not hurt the skin. There are several methods of depilation. You can selectively depilate according to your own needs.

  1. Shaving and shaving: it may be more convenient and economical to use shaving tools. It is also a very common way of one-time hair removal. It is also a way that has less impact on health and less stimulation to the skin. It is especially suitable for people whose skin is allergic or afraid of pain. However, careless shaving and shaving can easily cause harm.
  2. Depilation honey wax: use honey wax, stick it to the depilation part, and then tear it off at once to pull up the hair even by roots. Honey wax depilation is for depilation of dense hair, which is suitable for girls with more body hair. The maintenance time of using honey wax depilation will be very long, basically once or twice a summer.
  3. It’s a kind of chemical hair remover. It’s easy for people to remove hair, but it’s also a kind of chemical hair remover.
  4. Laser depilation: laser depilation is a kind of long-term depilation. According to the principle of light and heat, it absorbs the energy of the laser beam for melanin, generates heat, destroys the hair follicle and makes the hair listen. However, laser depilation can not be done at one time. It can only be done three or four times. Laser depilation is a relatively fast and safe method for long-term depilation, which will not harm the skin, But it is not recommended for people with hypertension and cardiovascular disease to have hair removal.

Of course, no matter what kind of depilation method you choose, you should choose one suitable for you according to your own situation. No matter what kind of depilation method you do, you should pay attention to the maintenance after depilation. Don’t use hot water to stimulate the skin, don’t wear short skirts and pants to expose to the sun immediately, and pay more attention to your diet. Don’t eat spicy food and seafood temporarily to avoid skin irritation and infection.