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Which groups are not suitable for laser axillary hair removal?

The summary of girls‘ hair removal methods in summer makes it not embarrassing for you to raise your hand. In summer, beauties change into cool clothes such as small vests and suspenders to make summer more refreshing. In order to make themselves more beautiful, many mm will choose to remove their excess hair. Especially the embarrassing armpit hair.

The reason why the laser axillary hair removal technology can effectively remove axillary hair is that the melanin in the axillary hair follicle can absorb laser energy, so as to make the hair follicle tissue inactive and let the beauty love easily get rid of the axillary hair trouble. However, when it comes to laser axillary hair removal, many people are worried that laser axillary hair removal will pose a threat and harm to body health. Is that right? Let’s find out.

Will laser axillary hair removal affect perspiration?

There is no melanin in the sweat gland, and it can not absorb laser energy, and the sweat gland and hair follicle tissue are two independent tissue structures. When removing axillary hair, the laser energy mainly acts on the hair follicle tissue, so it will not damage the sweat gland, let alone affect its perspiration function.

Which groups are not suitable for laser axillary hair removal

  1. Allergic or scar constitution.
  2. Patients with hepatitis, syphilis and skin infection.
  3. Blood diseases and coagulation disorders.
  4. Menstrual women.
  5. Recent use of vasodilators and anti joint pain drugs.
  6. Allergic to hydroquinone or other bleach.
  7. History of keloid.
  8. 13 CIS retinoic acid was used within 6 months.
  9. Those who have used other methods (such as wax removal) for hair removal within 6 weeks.
  10. Skin color test must be done before laser hair removal. Generally speaking, black skin is not suitable for axillary hair removal.

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