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Why is there redness and swelling after laser axillary hair removal?

The advantages of laser axillary hair removal method are short time, daily activities and physical exercise can be carried out after operation without special nursing. It has the advantages of fast, little pain, lasting effect and no damage to the epidermis. It is obviously better than other traditional axillary hair removal methods.

Laser depilation is a good depilation method. Using laser to destroy hair follicle tissue can quickly achieve the purpose of depilation. Laser depilation will not cause damage to the skin, without any side effects, and will not leave any traces. Therefore, generally speaking, the skin will not appear redness and swelling after laser hair removal.

If local redness and swelling appear on the skin after laser hair removal, it is a normal phenomenon. Generally, it may disappear after a few hours. As long as the later care is done well, there will be no problems. This may be caused by the national strength of light intensity during hair removal. You can apply it with towel ice appropriately. Keep your skin clean and hygienic to avoid infection.

Laser axillary hair removal is effective once. A course of treatment is about 3 ~ 5 times, which varies according to individual conditions. Generally speaking, the thicker the axillary hair, the longer the course of treatment. Laser only destroys melanocytes in hair follicles, does not destroy other normal tissues, and has no damage to the epidermis. How can you miss such a good effect? How can summer become beautiful and more attractive? Let yourself have a perfect summer. Laser hair removal is your only choice.

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