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Will laser take off armpit hair hurt?

There are many common methods to remove axillary hair. For example, razor, hair removal, hair removal cream and axillary hair removal are all home axillary hair removal methods. The effects of these methods are not lasting, and there are many side effects. If you want to solve the axillary hair problem once and for all, it is generally recommended to do laser axillary hair removal surgery, which is favored by many beauty loving women, At present, there are many methods to remove axillary hair. The common methods are honey wax, hair remover, razor and so on. However, these methods can only play a temporary effect of hair removal, and the newly grown axillary hair will become thick and black, which is difficult for many beauty loving women to accept. Therefore, many female sex friends decided to do laser axillary hair removal,

Laser axillary hair removal is reliable, but the method of laser axillary hair removal only works on the growing hair, so it generally needs many times of treatment to obtain the final effect.

The price of laser axillary hair removal is about 500-1000 yuan. Laser hair removal uses the thermal effect of laser to destroy local hair follicles, so as to achieve permanent hair removal. If used properly, there is no scar.

When laser hair removal, tell the doctor the feeling of treatment, which is helpful for the doctor to determine and set various laser treatment parameters according to your specific situation, so as to obtain satisfactory treatment results. But don’t be nervous. The pain is completely tolerable.

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